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How to Deal With Norton to Stop Deleting The Files?

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Sometimes, Norton deletes the downloaded files automatically from your device as per its some security reasons. This issue can happen if the files that you have downloaded are considered as unsafe, Norton makes sure each file in your device should carry a good and reputed source. The reputation detail shows whether the file you have downloaded is safe to run on your computer.

If the antivirus automatically delete the files without your consent and you don’t want to enable this feature for a long you can disable this by continue reading this blog. Make sure you enable it or turn it on after you have downloaded the file.

Steps to follow to stop Norton antivirus to delete the files automatically-

  • Open the Norton antivirus and go to the settings.
  • Click on Firewall and then move the slider to turn it off beside the Intrusion and Browser Protection.
  • Click on Apply once you made this change.
  • In the Security Request dialog box, select the duration to turn off the Download Insight and then hit to OK.

Exclude files or folders from scan-

  • Launch the Norton application and navigate to the settings.
  • Click Antivirus and on the Scan and Risks button click on the Configure [+].
  • In the Real Time Exclusions window add file or folders.
  • In the Add item window choose any file or folder and tap on the OK.
  • At last, click on Apply and OK.

For resolve other issues as well you are free to contact our technicians at Customer Support Number for Norton and avail our services for more benefits. To reach the best technical support team you can dial our toll-free number +1-855-2649-333 or contact us through live chat or email service as per your convenience and comfort.

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