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How to Disable a Norton Firewall?

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The Norton internet security (NIS) has a firewall that protects our systems from virus and malicious programs/ applications. But sometimes it detects some false positives. These are the programs that are not malicious or harmful but are detected by the firewall as harmful. So it stops them from using the internet. When these applications are useful for us and we are not able to work on them because of lack of the internet then you can disable the firewall or else you can add them as exceptions/ exclusions to Norton firewall.

Turn off firewall:

  • Launch your Norton and go to the Settings.
  • Go to the Protection center tab and then go to the Firewall.
  • Turn it off by dragging the slider to the left. This will leave your system vulnerable to malicious programs so make sure that you turn it on again by dragging the slider to the right.

Configuring application rules:

  • You can choose to allow a certain application by configuring the KIS network rules in place of turning it on and off repeatedly. For doing this open the protection centre of the antivirus and then click on Firewall
  • Go to Configure application rules. And give a right click to the application that you want to allow.
  • Select Details and Rules and then from the Network Rules tab, click on Add.
  • From the pop-up box, click on Allow.
  • Press the Add button and then click on Save for saving the changes that you made.

We hope that the above information is helpful to fulfill your needs. You may face some problem which can be easily solved by Norton technical support number + 1-844-6513-666. Your every minute doubt and confusion is cleared by the experts of our team. Any kind of technical support regarding your antivirus will be provided to you, be it any version. So, make a call and get your problems fixed by our agents instantly. You may also reach us on live chat or you can wish to drop us a mail with your query. We will try to revert you as quickly as possible.

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